Two Reasons You Getting Few Kiwi Likes.

A good profile with debatable questions you post is the surest way to get many Kiwi likes on your new account on this platform. Kiwi is the ideal platform to ask and answer questions comfortably while you learn and explore. But what happens even after customizing your profile well you still getting few Kiwi likes? Before getting mad and discrediting this platform, there are factors to consider on your part to restart healthy engagements once more.

Many people will avoid giving you likes if they feel you not asking nicely, or you have an attitude that other users can’t withstand. Such will make people avoid whatever you are posting to avoid crossing your path. We all human and deserve similar treatment. The way you treat others is the similar way they will treat you.

Address all questions you come across with in a respectful manner and no question is stupid at any instance. Don’t go spitting venom as an answer to a question that seems silly to you. It is better to let it go than show your arrogance. People will mark you and avoid to whatever content you post.